anything large, excessive, or otherwise inordinately disproportionate by almost any measure. (Note: substitution with the word honking sans onomatope.) (Also spelled; maka, moka, maacka,
He blew a makka booger out his nose.
by Lex Luther Vandross March 22, 2004
Top Definition
Basically Australia's answer to Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris can Slam a revolving door but Makka Can make it slam itself. And then make him coffee.
by The Doctor1122334 February 05, 2010
A norwegian slang for Amphetamine. Pretty funny word made famous by the duo "To Trøtte Typer" on youtube.
Dude, last night I sniffed some bad ass makka, I walked 10 miles on like 30 minutes...
by Jonas Cahonas January 18, 2009
Makka is slang for amphetamine in Norwegian.
1) That piece of shit makka was probably rat poison.

2) Makka-Ronny, Pepper-Ronny and Makka-Ivar are good friends.
by Somethingsomethingdarkside February 19, 2013
1. Word meaning bad or shit

2. Another word for a turd
1. That film I saw last night was complete pile of makka

2. I'm going to take a makka in the toilet
by rob12437e June 17, 2009
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