Maki is a term used when refering to bodily excretions of solid waste. Previously used in regards to activities taking place in the bathroom, this term has spread far beyond the reaches of the porcelain throne. Maki is anyone, anybody, anything, and everything that is "shitty". Maki is often used as a verb with the core word Mack.
"Where ya going Tony?"
"I'm headin' to the bathroom, where I then plan to Mack out hard core"

also used in extension words such as:
by Jake Andrews March 17, 2005
Top Definition
Awesome sexy halfi franco-jap, with awesome boobs. Will laugh at anything and smother you with her kindness. She will attract all teh boys as well as all the bad luck of the world and make you laugh from her mishaps.
Maki: I got splashed by a car today. I was all drenched.
Friend: HAHAHAHAHAHA, typical!
#perfect boobs #jap #french #funny #nice
by Vanilla Chocolate March 14, 2013
Makis is a guy with biceps larger than life,you can't beat him or kill him because you just can't touch him unless he wants you to.Most of the times Makis is a guy that comes from Greece,he has the best sense of humor and surely knows how to please a lady.People that are around Makis both love and are afraid of him.
I just can't get enough Makis
#cool #awesome #fit #epic #incredible #untouchable
by Eurovisionas November 25, 2011
The makis is go of everything and created everyone cant be destroyed or killed
The Makis
#makis #indianna jones #tim sucks #irule #big penis
by StumpyLyric96 August 30, 2011
A Paki that works at a Mac's convenience store.
"Look at that Maki counting those lottery tickets behind the counter."
#paki #indian #east indian #convenience store #apu #macs
by Cruzafafatga February 18, 2010
the coolest kid ever to rock the mullet.
Jake Andrews: "Gee willickers, i wish i wasn't so depocatory, so that i might someday be as cool as Maki. It really sucks being the trick ass skiz-ank i am."
by maki March 20, 2005
A funny old cheerful man who resides at on Jetty Road Glenelg selling Yiros' from his store to drunk cunts coming from the Pier and Grand.

Often heard saying "Hello my friend.." and "You want garlic sauce?"
I'm so fucking parro at the moment i need a maki
by ADELAIDEBOY October 14, 2004
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