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A funny, talented, crazy girl who stands out in a crowd. Though usually is very self-conscious about her appearance, most find her attractive and tend to naturally converse with her. A girl named Makenna tends to easily make friends and has a way of walking into a room, and instantly making people happy. She is dedicated to her friends, and, when she has one, her boyfriend. Don't mess with this girl, though, because she knows how to kick sum butt!
1. woah, did you see that new girl?

2. Yeah, she's so awesome and nice.

1. i bet she's a Makenna!
by izzy321 April 07, 2010
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Brown eyed, brown haired girl who is amazing. Is shy if you don't know her but when you do she is totally outgoing. Very smart, nice funny, and beautiful. She is a total flirt if you like her back, and she is a lot deeper than expected. Makenna's will love you for you.
Whoa who is that cutie?

Ohh thats makenna, isn't she gorgeous


You should really get to know her

Oh trust me I will
by Thegreatouija February 04, 2012
makennas r fun to be around. they r usually tall and love to have fun. they r beatiful and great in bead. thats y they r not single most fo the time. if u ever some across a makenna make sure to get to know her.
i just met a girl that was so a makenna
by bangerandleaver March 28, 2010
Wonderful, nice, athletic, pretty, crazy, talented. She is fun to be around. She makes friends easily and brightens the rooms with a smile. She is a charming tall being. She stands out in a crowd and lover to be a fun crazy. She was many friends both girl and boy. She makes everyone she talks to happy. She has fire red hair and beautiful big brown eyes. She is
Wow Makenna is so beautiful and awesome I'm asking her out right now
by Makenna May 28, 2015
A Snobby B***h whob is used to getting everything she wants.Annoying wannabe that likes to give beautiful girls the stink eye and easier to open than a pop.
Stop being such a Makenna.
by Katy_Anne December 31, 2011
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