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To participate in measures that will ensure future success or personal achievement.
To further ones' agenda.
Tom: What will you be doing when we all return to school.
Jim: Working in the city, studying for the GRE's.
Tom: Well that's quite impressive.
Jim: Gotta make moves. Gotta make moves.
by slenderson September 22, 2008
Verb. Performing any act that results in an improvement in one's present situation or possibly in future situations. The improvement is not necessarily exclusive to the individual "making moves" as it may also improve the situation of other party members. The term often refers specifically to making any sort of progress sexually with a person or persons of romantic interest. This phrase, while commonly believed to have been coined by Tag Body Spray -- as represented by Rob Dyrdek, Carmello Anthony and Ludacris -- was actually originated by a University of Florida student by the name of Joshua Poteat (circa 2006).
"Are you guys ready to go to the pub?"
"Let's make moves."
by poteater December 13, 2009
verb - to earn money or goods while on an errand
DeMontrell loves to make moves. Everytime I stop by his crib he's gone somewhere.
by Tru-damie September 27, 2006
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