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A gorgeous bombshell. All the guys want her. Maisey is cute and adorable. She also is the life of the party, knows how to have fun, and loves to love. A very beautiful girl. She'll make you feel amazing. She's amazing.
Everyone loves Maisey!
by thatonedude78 September 05, 2011
A beautiful girl who will always help a friend out. She's kind, loving, and loves to have a good time, but she hates when she messes things up. Maisey also has a tendency to be random, loud, and spacey, but she hates if people point that out. She also tends to take things a little too personally. She loves music, people, love, and life in general. Overall, Maisey is a beautiful girl, in looks and in personality, and she's a good person to have in your life.
maisey is thee bomb
by aslf;ja;l July 04, 2012
A selfish act with no consideration for anyone else. The act is worsened when many other people are involved.
Returning from the drinks machine with just a drink for yourself can be called "doing a Maisey"
by Ste April 12, 2005
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