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A hispanic emcee in the DC area,no doubt one of the best rapper of all time.Hes only 14 years old.His lyrics are amazing,he can paint vivid pictures of nearly anything.He has destroyed many rappers who has dissed him.
MainEventz a hispanic emcee lryical Genious.
by Burymore January 01, 2005
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A nigga recently signed to hypnotic,has a good ammount of street cred,is about 15-16,good rapper has some of his shit on the net.But makes ill live performances.
MainEventz Preforms in DC.
by LiLPLaYa March 14, 2005
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The Illest emcee ever!This kid repersents the DC area,he started rappin like 2 years ago,and he alredy runs DC.No one in the DC area has beat this fam in the battle.He is a lyrical mastermind.Only a matter of time until hes signed
MainEventz is a Lyrical Mastermind
by DJ WestCoast January 01, 2005
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