A term for a magical rock bestowed by the almighty god to piss off heretics such as Mormons. Often used by trolls to taunt the heretics, they will always be used as a relic to worship the god troll, or also known as god. For many centuries, these have kept track of earth's magnetic field which changes poles approximately every 200,000 years.
Example 1:
Mormon Chatbox.
Troll: Heyz do u noez how magnetz workz?
Mormon: FUCK!
Mormon has disconnected.

Example 2:
Troll: Do you possess the almighty magnets?
Troll God: Yes, now go taunt those heretics.
by TheOmegaTroll June 17, 2011
Anything that attracts something. Can be literal or something like chick magnet. Most magnets can attract metal to it.

If strong enough
1.Throw it at someone with a pacemaker.
2.Leave it on train tracks
3.Drop it from a bridge over a freeway and hope it rips through a car roof and penetrates the driver.
4.Crushing people
Dude, she put 2 really strong magnets between my nuts. I'm sure the results are obvious.
by Adriankat March 13, 2006
An object which imparts a force on other magnets. The force is caused by moving charges within the object, and a significant net field can be produced either by alignment of atoms to a single axis, thus adding the individual magnetic fields of the orbiting electrons, or by the flow of current through a conductor. The field of permanent magnets is closest to the field generated by a solenoid. Because the field is generated by the movement of charge, and is dependent on the direction of that movement, no conventional magnet can have a nonzero total field. A thin conductor with a conventional current flowing through it will have a circular magnetic field clockwise when viewed in the direction of flow. Unit of magnetic field: Tesla, subdivision Gauss (= 1/1000 Tesla)
This is a Neodymium Iron Boron permanent magnet with a surface field 1.1 Teslas.
by appa609 January 26, 2012
A girl with a pretty face but a dirty poon, positive at one end negative at the other

Or vice versa, a girl with a dirty face but a text book poon
Male 1: pulled this well nice bit of totti last night got her back to mine just about to do the dirty got her poon out and it was like a badgers nest down there turned out she was a right magnet
by Red-mc May 25, 2010
A person who hangs around in a place where they are not wanted or don't belong. Also someone who shows up without being invited.
Why is that guy here? He is such a magnet.

I went to his house, but he had a bunch of magnets over. I'm not really interested in hanging out there.
by underikar February 26, 2015
Attractive from the rear, repulsive from the front. (another term for a "butterface")
MMMmmmm, that is one mighty fine looking ass!
But, ewww. . . that flat chest & bulldog face means she's a magnet!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada September 10, 2014
A guy who attracts a lotta girls. Short for chic-magnet.
Oh yeah, he's a real magnet.
by FaceMyFace December 17, 2005

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