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also known as 'anti-mage' in one of the warcraft III maps called "DotA (defense of the ancients). he is the biggest counter to all the intellegence heroes (mages). Also one of the best heros for mindgames!!
he's one of my favourite heroes XD
.Ossy: dude they have 3 intel heros.
.Danzi: np ill take magina and gg them
.Ossy: lol xD
by .Danzi November 12, 2008
Coming from the middle ages, a magic vagina that cast a vast majority of spells now known as aids, hivs, and crabs, etc. also the most powerful weapon in a harry potter porno
John: my wizard is so powerful noone can defeat it
Beth: well then u havent faced the awesome power of my magina's itch spell
John: shit now my wizard has to shave his pubes.
by Chris the Chuck November 15, 2010
Self-reference to your own vagina

Used in certain scenarios, but can only be said when it would be funny
Man 1: Hey girl, you so fine...
Girl 1: Punk, you wish you could get with this
Man 1: Girl, I will jump off the world for you
Girl 1: You know what, meet me in the bathroom, you can have Magina.
by DidIPleaseYouDaddy? October 29, 2009
A man-whore. A man so desperate that he tends to over-seek the pleasures of the opposite sex.
Quagmire of Family Guy
by Nick Cardone March 05, 2005
Man + Vagina = Mangina

A word to describe the penis of a man who:
1) Has had it removed but lacks the sex organs of a female.
2) Has a dick so small that all you'd think is, 'Man that's a manly chick!'
3) Is hiding it between his legs.
Wow I'd like to get into his mangina!
by Banri Tanaka August 20, 2003
an awesome club or party, that plays with games such as pokemon black and white version. This club or clan is highly advanced and should be respected as such. The club only accepts beasts at pokemon to join.
Dude! I just got accepted into the magina club!!!
by uberpwnerz March 16, 2011
when a guy sticks his dick between his legs, resembling a cunt/vagina
pat had wicked magina, we couldnt tell if he was a chic or not.
by ejay :) December 21, 2002
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