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Male Reproductive Organ Helper

By other names, its known as the Penis, Fun-rod, or the Baby-arm.

It is to be used by lower-society people, or just young teens with too much time on there hands
Man 1: Wow, he has a small Mroh
Man 2: Dude, its not his fault.
Man 1: Drink a big heaping stanky glass of deuche juice.
by DidIPleaseYouDaddy? October 29, 2009
Self-reference to your own vagina

Used in certain scenarios, but can only be said when it would be funny
Man 1: Hey girl, you so fine...
Girl 1: Punk, you wish you could get with this
Man 1: Girl, I will jump off the world for you
Girl 1: You know what, meet me in the bathroom, you can have Magina.
by DidIPleaseYouDaddy? October 29, 2009

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