best friend in the world hahaha
thank you for a good time
by FUCK_ME April 05, 2005
Magg is the nickname of a retarded boy with messed up hair
There goes Magg with the crazy hair!
by friendlymate December 15, 2008
Short for maggot. maggot
Chappo: How was last night?
Jaymo: Maggs
by Chappo January 20, 2004
Maggs is another name for Margaret or Maggie.

She will be attending Belmont University in the fall and taking Chlamydia along with her. She has 3 dogs and sucks their cocks regularly.

Maggs also pleasures herself nightly and frequently has sex with homeless men and women on the streets of Nashville.

Maggs is beautiful and I love her!!!
Dannnnng that girl, Maggs is so hot.
by Sally Walker January 07, 2009
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