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by Matthew Townsend October 20, 2003
27 11
best friend in the world hahaha
thank you for a good time
by FUCK_ME April 05, 2005
20 10
Magg is the nickname of a retarded boy with messed up hair
There goes Magg with the crazy hair!
by friendlymate December 15, 2008
6 3
Short for maggot. maggot
Chappo: How was last night?
Jaymo: Maggs
by Chappo January 20, 2004
9 13
Maggs is another name for Margaret or Maggie.

She will be attending Belmont University in the fall and taking Chlamydia along with her. She has 3 dogs and sucks their cocks regularly.

Maggs also pleasures herself nightly and frequently has sex with homeless men and women on the streets of Nashville.

Maggs is beautiful and I love her!!!
Dannnnng that girl, Maggs is so hot.
by Sally Walker January 07, 2009
3 22