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Greek word for tough, streetwise, strong-hearted youth. Could be used in an english phrase if this person is of greek descent.
Petro was born in greece and raised on the cold streets of Chicago. What a maga.
by Petro July 07, 2004
56 27
1)Magas is a Greek word which means the cool guy that is usually admired by his friends e.t.c.
Friend 1: " Dude you are so magas! How did you get laid with that chic? "

Friend 2: " It was about time bro "
by big kay February 20, 2011
39 11
Word originating from the nigerian slang mugu...This word is the latest version of the word mugu.
It can also be used when referring to a friend.
The Maga has paid the money.
Whats up maga
This guy is a big maga!! men
by Jtmol April 22, 2010
31 15
In the South Indian language, Kannada it literally means son. It is also commonly used to address a friend.
Nimma maga yenu madthidane ? (used in it's literal sense, translation: what is your son doing ? )

Hi maga! (used to address a friend)
by Zethu December 12, 2010
15 10
The definition of someone constantly fainting, laughing, and/or crying in spontaneous and irrelevant events. People who are magas tend to keep deep and dark secrets which bottle up inside and cause them to be a maga.
she fainted? what a maga
by baebiisno May 21, 2014
1 1
A Greek term used to describe someone who thinks they are tough/cool but they really aren't.
"Yo, look at that guy over there, acting like hes the man..."

"I know right? ..... What a maga!"
by YanniX April 28, 2008
15 21