1)Magas is a Greek word which means the cool guy that is usually admired by his friends e.t.c.
Friend 1: " Dude you are so magas! How did you get laid with that chic? "

Friend 2: " It was about time bro "
by big kay February 20, 2011
Greek word for tough, streetwise, strong-hearted youth. Could be used in an english phrase if this person is of greek descent.
Petro was born in greece and raised on the cold streets of Chicago. What a maga.
by Petro July 07, 2004
Word originating from the nigerian slang mugu...This word is the latest version of the word mugu.
It can also be used when referring to a friend.
The Maga has paid the money.
Whats up maga
This guy is a big maga!! men
by Jtmol April 22, 2010
In the South Indian language, Kannada it literally means son. It is also commonly used to address a friend.
Nimma maga yenu madthidane ? (used in it's literal sense, translation: what is your son doing ? )

Hi maga! (used to address a friend)
by Zethu December 12, 2010
The definition of someone constantly fainting, laughing, and/or crying in spontaneous and irrelevant events. People who are magas tend to keep deep and dark secrets which bottle up inside and cause them to be a maga.
she fainted? what a maga
by baebiisno May 21, 2014
A Greek term used to describe someone who thinks they are tough/cool but they really aren't.
"Yo, look at that guy over there, acting like hes the man..."

"I know right? ..... What a maga!"
by YanniX April 28, 2008

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