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1. A word to be used to point out the facial area.

2. A substitution for a swear word, when one wants to keep the situatuin PG.
1. Man, Amy totally just kicked you right in the mafe.

2. Chris, go mafe a duck.
by Amy Avdeeff, Chris King August 02, 2008
Mafe: (n) acronym standing for most, annoying, faggot, ever. Term typically used on the west coast to describe New Jersey natives. Often used in place of a proper name.
Mafe drives me crazy why wont he leave us alone.

Dude you look like a Mafe with your hat on backwards.

Sorry Mafe but Jersey sucks
by GETSOME800 May 01, 2009
Acronym used for the phrase "Make A Fucking Effort". Commonly used to motivate friends or employees who are doing half-assed jobs. Generally written, not spoken.
I looked at your final report, and cannot imagine how you could have spent more than two minutes on it. MAFE!
by MAFE Master February 18, 2005
someone who is mad at you for no good reason.
theyre short too.
(insert name here):im mad at you .
(insert name here): you know why.
petey: no i dont. what did i do?? im so sorry.
(insert name here):you know what!?!? now im mad cause you dont even know why your saying sorry!
petey: ugh! your such a mafe!
by petey lookalike :] October 15, 2007
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