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3 definitions by amberose

The funnest word game out there. Pretty much made for teaching third graders what nouns, adjectives, adverbs, ect. are. Can be extreamly hilarious when with the right people.
I took the dog to the ________(noun) and he took a ________(adverb)on the floor. The _________(noun) there ________(verb)at me. They ________(adjective)!!!
by amberose June 24, 2005
Adorable and wonderous actor. Cute, boyish blonde was great in Elephant and Lords of Dogtown. cute.cute.cute.
just seeing his cute face makes me want to jump on him!!
by amberose June 24, 2005
A lovely place that is meant for everyone to visit. Beautiful. Beautiful people, places and things. Paris is heaven.
I shake my little snow globe of paris and anounce to my friends:
" someday guys, someday..."
by amberose June 24, 2005