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Madison High School is full of rich snobby alcoholics. You can usually find the girls in the bathroom before a class smoking a cig or the boys chugging on vodka in the middle of class.All the girls hate eachother and create rumors just to get more people to hate them. The freshman girls are all paranoid losers who give head for any source of alcohol and seem to just not know their place. But the freshman boys think they are hott shit cause the senior girls have taken a liking to them. The sophmore girls are bitches who think that just because they aren't freshman anymore, they can do whatever they want.But the sophmore boys are pretty cool and mellow. Pretty good to party with. What they don't get is that they are still slutty underclassman and everyone still hates them.The sophmore boys are pretty cool and mellow. Pretty good to party with. The Juniors are all stoners you live for weed and cigs. The seniors are all sexually driven maniacs who are upsessed with the fact that they are seniors and that they control the school. They haze, they drink, they live. That is all they need to do. The fans are amazing I must admit. They stake out before games and put on a show during them. They prepare for every little thing that may happen. They are the heart of that school. In conclusion, the freshman are gay, the sophmores are sluts, the juniors are high, and the seniors rule. Go Dodgers.
Senior: Freshman go pick up all my cigarette butts.
Freshman: Yes master
by avid fan March 07, 2005
The sophmores need to get up off the senior's dicks
Senior: Get on your knees
Dana: Yes sir
by anon March 06, 2005
madison high is a place where you can get stoned in the parking lot, drunk in the halls, or do lines in the bathroom. freshman are mostly annoying little pricks, but there are a few rare normal ones. the sophomores dont know their place just yet but the seniors are fast to teach it to them. any senior can get head from any sophomore girl just by learning their name. juniors are the bigger stoners, smokin as much as possible, before during and after school. seniors are the all out partyers, drinking, smoking, trippin out, anything they can find. they own the school.
senior: lets go toke in my van.
sophomore: word
by new kid April 28, 2005
96% of the population has consumed a drug in some sort of manner, and 67% come to school high.
faggot bitch wannabes who crowd up the hallway, get drunk in front of chipotle, then barf behind safeway. they get fingered in the movie theatres by hormone infested rapists (baseball boys, who then comment on how tight their pussy was). FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS-put on some damn sweats, or pull your damn skirts off your necks. i dont want to see your skanky cellulite asses "flaunting" down the halls. which, you clog up...fuckin skeets...
the boys are so gay that they result in getting freshman pussy because the sophmore girls are too busy fucking the upper classmen just for a damn 40. they take a shot, they dont fucking know what a shot is, and theyre all over senior cock. half the population of sophmores, are fuckin dykes. WHY . get a fucking room.
they're fucking boring.
most are hardcore partiers, the lame few, thrive on sophmore pussy. why do you have your parties at the fucking WOLFTRAP MOTEL. picking fights for no goddamn reason; "boy: you dont MESS with my girl. otherboy: OH, im sorry your girls a SKEET." what the hell happened to your pride?
madison baseball-
the boys love it anal, and pudge STILL can only stop the hamburgelar. they mark their underclassmen pussy, leaving condoms in the dugout. they train all year for what? nothing. can you say BURIED IN COKE?
i think its safe to say, that the "hard earned cash" is spent in one category. drugs,booze,pussy.
can the fairfax county public school board get the DAMN BROOM OUT OF THEIR ASSES.
no powderpuff? FUCK YOU.

madison high school students-
under classman: im soooo wasted, i had a fullll shot!
senior: ok, blow the breathelizer.
under classman: ok......wherreeee?
senior: in my pants, BITCH.
senior: who invited the spick to the party?
senior2: pshh, she came by herself...
by class of '06 January 27, 2007
James Madison High School... a school found in Vienna, VA at 2500 James Madison Drive. JMHS is a school that spends all kinds of money in all the wrong places *cough cough* Madison High School Baseball. I mean nothing against baseball but our school doesnt financially support the hockey team or crew team, but excessively spends on the baseball team. anyways. if you want a shitty math teacher, come to madison. oh and if you want to get an A in spanish, and not learn how to actually speak spanish, this is the place for you! if you're a madison student though, you'd better get into college, or at least radford. now, about the students.
Seniors: theres a really wide range of seniors, lots of bitchy girls, lots of douchy guys, and the drama doesnt stop. parties either. some of them are funny, some smart. none are particularly stoopid.
Juniors: lets give the juniors some credit. the juniors meld pretty well, of course there's the popular set, the jerks, the jocks, but other than maybe 15 people, theres no one whose massively hated.
Sophomores: They've grown up a lot, they remind me a lot of the seniors when they were sophtys.
Freshman: theres too many.

overall its a school mostly focused on partying, getting into college, not obeying your parents, and getting away with it.
madison high school...meh. it could be worse, it could be marshall.
by giy April 03, 2007
Pretty much all of these definitions are from last year and need to be updated.

The seniors now are a bunch of chill drunk kids doing what they gotta do. The juniors are the same assholes that they've always been, just partying more. The sophmores are alright, better than they were last year. They just hang out with everyone. The freshmen this year are a bunch of slutty clicky bitches that are obsessed with the junior class because of people's sisters and now they are starting to fuck juniors and seniors. The freshmen boys are a bunch of wannabe stoners.

We aren't THAT rich.
Girls still chainsmoke in the bathroom.
We do have the best fans.
We do have good parties.
We are decent at sports.
And we win shit occasionally.
Madison High School:

senior: "Drinkin at T**d's tonight"
junior: "Bonfire at J****y's tonight"
sophmore: "Party at C****n's tonight"
freshmen: "Orgy at T***y's tonight"

*correction from last year*

any senior/junior guy: "suck my balls"
freshmen girl: "yes master"
by ifuckedsterlingsamsNOT March 17, 2006
The madison girls are fucking tight as shit! I met a bunch up in canada and all i can say is the fucking took over the bars! You girls know how to take your liq and your hot as shit! Madison deserves props for their chicks.
-Dude what school is that hot girl on the bar from?
-Oh shes from madison.
-What about that one?
-what about those?
by robinsonguy February 07, 2005
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