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Madison High School in Vienna Virginia is an enormously large building for its purpose. The purpose of the building is supply the team with a constant stream of underaged pussy to rape.

Do you enjoy to get away with whatever the fuck you want, while other people get expelled for doing half of what your doing, then join the mustangs, *but you have to start early. Cock sucking starting in 6th grade may be advisible. Do you enjoy going to parties you werent invited to and squieling on kids who threw it and then get stabbed in the arm for it. Join Madison Baseball!

Do you enjoy sitting at a circular table in the cafeteria and make unintellegent remarks to sophmores? Do 50 year old fatfuck coaches who claim to work at the school as "security officers" whoose only crime they could stop is the hamburgerler by eating all the fucking Big Macs in the restaraunt before he gets there, and then doing them a favor by drawing a picture of them naked wearing nothing but a necklace like in titanic, solely for the purpose they can see their penis for the first time in 12 years? Then join the madison baseball team!
Madison High School Baseball is a great way to get away with rape!
by Vienna Inn May 09, 2006
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