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James Madison High School... a school found in Vienna, VA at 2500 James Madison Drive. JMHS is a school that spends all kinds of money in all the wrong places *cough cough* Madison High School Baseball. I mean nothing against baseball but our school doesnt financially support the hockey team or crew team, but excessively spends on the baseball team. anyways. if you want a shitty math teacher, come to madison. oh and if you want to get an A in spanish, and not learn how to actually speak spanish, this is the place for you! if you're a madison student though, you'd better get into college, or at least radford. now, about the students.
Seniors: theres a really wide range of seniors, lots of bitchy girls, lots of douchy guys, and the drama doesnt stop. parties either. some of them are funny, some smart. none are particularly stoopid.
Juniors: lets give the juniors some credit. the juniors meld pretty well, of course there's the popular set, the jerks, the jocks, but other than maybe 15 people, theres no one whose massively hated.
Sophomores: They've grown up a lot, they remind me a lot of the seniors when they were sophtys.
Freshman: theres too many.

overall its a school mostly focused on partying, getting into college, not obeying your parents, and getting away with it.
madison high school...meh. it could be worse, it could be marshall.
by giy April 03, 2007
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