Capital of Wisconsin and home to UW-Madison, one of the nation's top party schools. Renowned also for its Halloween celebrations, which for the last few years have ended in drunken riots.

Due to this reputation, the word is used at other schools as a synonym for "extremely drunk."
Frank: Hey, we're going out to get trashed. Wanna come?
Ernest: No, man, I was totally madison last night.
by Lady Chevalier November 06, 2005
For sure the most amazing girl ever and her laugh could make you smile even when your sad! And madison makes every other girls look like grenades. You can do anything with madison and be happy. Madison dosnt want to admit it but she is the most amazing person ever.
Madison is amazing
by metalxreaper October 19, 2010
A Madison, whether a boy or a girl, is a person that is 100% worth your time. They are interesting, usually in a quirky, weird way. They mesmerize you, being noticably attractive and appealing. They are often more brainy than athletic, though they haven't got a bit of common sense. They may seem angelic or unreal at times. In a word...stunning.
"She's a good girl, loves her momma. Loves Jesus, and America too. She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis. Loves horses, and her boyfriend too."
^John Mayer even wrote about Madison!
by NotMadison12 December 13, 2010
The hottest girl you'll ever meet. She's got long brown hair, medium brown eyes, slightly tanned skin, is tall, and slightly muscular. She pays attention in class, and is most likely quiet when shes not with her friends. Madison practically breathes confidence, and people know not to mess with her because shes not afraid to make you regret it, or to put you in your place. Madison is sarcastic, witty, smart, outgoing, beautiful, kind, sometimes shy, funny, and an all around awesome friend and girlfriend. She gives off a tranquil or excited energy, but is easy to anger, though at some times she may keep it to herself. Madison is mature, funny, and sexy. Her slightly raspy voice gets guys to turn her way immediately and watch as she walks by. Madison is the best girlfriend because she always makes you laugh, and is always there for you, even at the times you don't need her; but you'll always want her. Hold her tight though, because if she doesn't feel loved and appreciated, she'll leave you. Her nickname is Madi
Tom: Dude, did you see Madison today? She looks totally hot!
Hunter: Yo, thats my girlfriend!
by HarlowMarieTorres May 01, 2011
Unisex name in English speaking countries

Meaning: Son of Maud; Matthew's son

Gender: Both

Origin: English

Pronunciation: MA-dih-son

Transferred use of the surname meaning "son of Maud"; and also perhaps "Mad's son", Mad being a common pet form of Matthew during the Middle Ages.

Although Madison, today, is given as a name to both genders, it isn't a legitimate unisex name as it's meaning is masculine.
"Hey Madison, you wanna go chill at the spot?"

"Yeah sure!"
by hannah82 July 17, 2009
totally hottttt!! athletic, blonde hair blue eyes lots a friends, easy to get along with. outgoing gets along with everyone has a few best friends. tall, amazing, sexy, always there when people need her. if you're a teen with this name you must be pretty dam hot! everyone wishes they were like you.
oh. my. god. madison is hot!!!
by m&m's:)yum July 28, 2010
the most AWESOME person in the whole world. she's super pretty, creative, and smart. Plus she's a DINOSAUR
I want to be just like Madison.
by MissFrolicker November 09, 2010
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