A girl that is absolutely AMAZING. When you need her, she's there. When you don't need her, she's still always there for you. The most beautiful girl in the world, & has an amazing personality. Known to do stupid things, and get a little wild sometimes, but overall .. she's great. With her amazing features such as her big * badonkadonk .. & her * Caution : Highly Dangerous * Boobs .. Every guy is always trying to talk to her, or get with her.. Most Madisons are offered many drugs, but only try them once & learn their lesson. They put girlfriends before boyfreidns & that's the way it should alwasy be. If they are ever in a situation when they feel un-safe ; they kick someone's ass. <3 They're strong & caring & beautiful girls who just .. are great. They're the BEST friend to have ; & the one that can never be forgotten.

I love you , Madison .

You're the best .. <3
Dude , she's hawt , she must be a Madison ! <3
Look at that fine booty , badonkadonk , beautiful smile , amazing eyes , amazing personality . She has to be a Madison .
by ZuZuZ0Z01998 July 02, 2011
The name of a young girl usually in her pre-teens or teens; She has blonde hair with blue eyes or dark brown hair with hazel eyes. Her personality exceeds her. She is highly funny and loves to hang out with her friends at all times. She may seem shy at first but very outgoing and sweet. You can always tell her everything, because she won't back stab you. A Madison is usually artistic in any fashion, whether it be art or music. They are truly athletic and love to eat food ( Sometimes sweets but usually good healthy foods). They like to think that they are ugly, but many others tell her otherwise, and they usually don't like it when people tell them they are beautiful but they truly are. They are very trustworthy and loyal to her friends, family, and boyfriends. Dudes if you have a Madison as a girlfriend never let her go, because she will always be with you to the end and always make you smile. Overall, Madisons are, sweet, beautiful, smart, caring, little bit shy and outgoing. She will never leave anyone's side. They are good friends to have or even girlfriends!
"Madisons....They are amazing!"

Boy #1 "Dude I got a girlfriends named Madison!"
Boy #2 "Man I envy you never let her go!"

"Geez Madison, you are very artistic and great at music!"

"Madison I love your eyes, they like sparkle!"
by SnowyK1234 May 22, 2012
Also called Maddi. She isn't afraid to state her opinion about certain things. When your around her you'll have the best of time and never be bored. She is very pretty and loves shooting up some zombies. You can trust her with everything and she"ll always pull through for you. She is an amazing friend and I'm very blessed to have met her.
Madison who?
Oh you know
by beautifulcupcakeangelfacefairy January 04, 2012
Madison is usually a shy girl at first but when you get to know her she will amaze you. She sticks by her friends no matter what. She is the comedian or the one always trying to crack a joke. Takes care of others before herself. Her mind will amaze you once you have access to it. Can be kind of sexual or inappropriate. If you have her as a friend you are lucky. Very loving and compassionate. Not always popular. Goes by Maddie, Maddy, Mady or Madi.
girl: Madison is such a good friend.
Boy: Why?
Girl: Because she is always there for me trying to make me smile and be happy. :)
by maddieann August 22, 2012
A very gorgeous, beautiful person. Very kind and gentle except when its towards bk. Has baby hair. Her eyes sparkle. She can always put a smile on someones face and her lips are so very soft. Whoever has this amazing person they should never let go and never let her leave their sight.
Madison is very amazing:)
by Ironman2907 April 04, 2011
The coolest girl you will ever meet. She has shoulder-length blonde hair with extremely blue eyes that light up when she's laying down in the grass. She is an awesome friend, and you'll never meet anyone with a better personality. She is so much fun to be around, and is an awesome leader. Guys fall at her feet, noticing her beauty and her charm, but she only goes for one, loving him till she dies. She usually has one awesome blonde friend who looks like her. You never wanna do something wrong to Madison, because she is awesome at every sport she tries and is extremely strong and is amazing with words.

Tommy: DANG! Did you see Madison today?!
Brock: Nah man, I only saw Hananh.
Tommy: Dude, she's smoking.
by iamnumber8 January 30, 2011
a very funny, strong, beautiful, smart, && sweet girl. can have bad anxiety at times, but can get through it. usually has long dirty blonde hair && hazel eyes. can be very sarcastic but knows when to be real. loves to hangout with her friends but likes her alone time. not boy crazy but if the right one comes around she'll snatch him up.
wow, she must be a madison, she's really smart.
by Sydney Fuckyou June 24, 2013
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