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A girl that is absolutely AMAZING. When you need her, she's there. When you don't need her, she's still always there for you. The most beautiful girl in the world, & has an amazing personality. Known to do stupid things, and get a little wild sometimes, but overall .. she's great. With her amazing features such as her big * badonkadonk .. & her * Caution : Highly Dangerous * Boobs .. Every guy is always trying to talk to her, or get with her.. Most Madisons are offered many drugs, but only try them once & learn their lesson. They put girlfriends before boyfreidns & that's the way it should alwasy be. If they are ever in a situation when they feel un-safe ; they kick someone's ass. <3 They're strong & caring & beautiful girls who just .. are great. They're the BEST friend to have ; & the one that can never be forgotten.

I love you , Madison .

You're the best .. <3
Dude , she's hawt , she must be a Madison ! <3
Look at that fine booty , badonkadonk , beautiful smile , amazing eyes , amazing personality . She has to be a Madison .
by ZuZuZ0Z01998 July 02, 2011

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