An immature, trans-phobic term used to offend mtf transsexuals, transvestites, and unlucky cisgendered women.
Idiot: Wow, look at that thing's madam's apple!

MtF: ...What?

by Deborah! August 18, 2007
Top Definition
Noun. A pun on "Adam's apple," it refers to the large bulge on the trachea when it occurs on a woman. (Note: this may be the sign of a male-to-female transvestite or transsexual, or may simply be the luck of genetics).
"Holy crap! Look at that madam's apple on Ann Coulter!"
by Tha Funkinator March 08, 2005
the woman's version of an Adam's apple.
Becky: why don't girls have an Adams apple?

Susan: we do, its called an madams apple!
by kittycat333 November 21, 2010
The large thyroid nodule visible on the neck of middle aged woman
She had biopsy of her "madam's apple"
by proton99 May 20, 2009
When a girl has a deep voice and you think she has a Adam's apple
Damn did you hear that girl sounds like she has a madams apple
by Reed58 April 16, 2015
When a man dresses like a woman very well, but there is just something not right... The adam's apple is clearly visible.
Guy 1: "That chick is soo hot, I'm gonna buy her a drink!"

Guy 2: "Dude... that chick has a Madam's Apple.. yeah... that's a guy...."

Guy 1: " Oh! Good save!!!"

Guy 1 and Guy 2: High Five!
by Ms. Cutthroatt January 09, 2010
Transgender throat condition indication that the woman was really a man
She had a high voice but you could see his huge "Madam's Apple" on her throat
by wicked crank October 10, 2013
A pronounced laryngeal prominence on an otherwise convincing transvestite or cross-dresser.
Missy B truly looked like a woman in her new show outfit, but her Madam's Apple was a dead give away
by o-line August 10, 2009
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