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Office coffee. A bitter, dull, sludge-like liquid people force themselves to swallow when they need a hit of caffeine but have neither the time nor the inclination to leave the office for coffee.
GUY 1: "Man, I'm so tired. Going to make myself a cup of that offee."

GUY2: Good luck with that.
by seanmlee August 18, 2008
When your baby is driving you crazy. Baby meaning new-born, infant, toddler and up.
My baby didn't sleep last night. So neither did I. Today, I have a serious case of "Irritable Baby Syndrome (IBS)." Stay away.
by seanmlee July 20, 2011
Female adam's apple.
She has a deep voice. Must be that Madame's Apple
by seanmlee July 23, 2010
A conversation in which words are exchanged between people — often co-workers — but nothing is really said.
Two office colleagues bump into each other in the hallway. This is them having a nonversation:

Office worker #1: Hey, so I heard it went well.

Office worker #2: Yup. Went great.
Office worker #1: Glad to hear. And we're still good for Tuesday?
Office worker #2: Yup. Nothing's changed.

Office worker #1: Great. Well let me know if anything does.
Office worker #2: Of course.
Office worker #1: Ok, great. Thanks.
by seanmlee June 04, 2012

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