A sexual position or maneuver in which a male inserts a glass or Pyrex-based test tube into the anus of his partner and then proceeds to masturbate into the test tube, filling it with semen. He then executes a well placed donkey punch, causing the partner's sphincter to contract, effectively breaking the test tube, thus bursting into an explosion of blood, shit, semen, and glass shards.
I gave Julie a Mad Scientist last night. I nearly lost an eye in the explosion!
by TheFaze May 08, 2007
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a scientist who invents crazy things, usually things that get beyond his scope of control, and may cause significant damage. He also may have a sick mind, or warped sense of humor.
Jamie, Matt, and Robert are mad scientists who live and work together in an old castle. Their latest invention is the six-dollar man, who did nothing but destroy their entire home, and laboratory. "Well, what do you expect for six dollars?" they said, and laughed.

The young mad scientist Kenny's new invention, Capital letter H, destroyed Kenny's home by crashing through the wall, and leaving an H-shaped hole. Kenny knew it would take years, to repair the significant damage to his home, and with the unhealthy economy, and Obamacare, at that.
by MadScientistTrio70 February 05, 2014

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