A crazy psycho bitch, also known as Whale. She is someone who likes to play the victim card when everything she wants falls to pieces. She wants everyone to feel bad for her when really she's the one causing all her problems. She's jealous crazed and causes her to lose all the people that mean the most to her. she's very controlling and likes to tell everyone what to do, and if they don't do it her way, she will freakout on you like a crazy bitch. She is someone you want to stay clear from. someone who is hated by many, and loved my none. How she traps you, is inbetween her legs STAY CLEAR! she will queef on you.
H: "Dude i don't know what i was thinkin with that bitch? she's insane."
M: "Yeah, man sorry to hear you fucked a whale."
H: "Yeah, i regret it so much, she was such a damn Mackenzie."
by Speakingthetruth88 January 22, 2012
Top Definition
A beautiful girl. the name mackenzie itself means 'little princess.' she's quick-witted and very funny, she can be very charming. she also can be the biggest bitch you'll know,and doesn't take shit from anyone. she's a little crazy,but in the end you love her anyway.
ya know mackenzie? yeahhh shes pretty FANTASTIC!
by friggetfragget April 17, 2006
an extemely gorgeous girl. a princess, and someone who will always be there for you
sheeshhh, i love her, shes just like a mackenzie
by fhgjsga January 17, 2008
a silly girl who is someone that takes a few looks to notice that she's beautiful. she can be a clumsy, embarrassed klutz sometimes but it adds to her attractiveness in a damsel in distress sort of way. she knows how to stand up for herself and earns what she gets. she loves music and dance. she is smart and has an good attitude.
"hey who's that?" Robert
"wait who?" Lucy
" the pretty one who just ran into the door. it was quite funny" Robert
"oh thats just mackenzie haha" Lucy

by lorelai claire novak February 05, 2009
An extremely gorgeous girl that is beyond cool and is really well known in multiple states because of her total awesome-ness
"So dude, youre dating Mackenzie?" -- Mitch
"Yeah man, shes so awesome!" -- JD
by ERWrestler March 05, 2007
no doubt the most amazing girl ever. so cool and funny. sometimes she doesnt know how amazing and hot she is, but she definitly is 100% amazing, classy, sexy as fuck, smart, cool and fun. someone you can love to death.
mackenzie- I have 875 friends on facebook
steph- thats because everyone is in love with you
by Steph_gio March 24, 2009
Hot, funny, girl who just wants to have fun. Usually likes to dance and has a texting obsession. Everyone wants to be her friend. Mostly boys though but girls get very jealous and think she's a bitch. Guys always look at her and dump there girlfriends for her. Is sometimes a klutz and runs into things. Also loves soda.
Guy 1: Hey who is that cute girl that just walk into that door?

Guy 2: Oh, thats Mackenzie isn't she cute?

Girl 1: No, she's a freaking bitch. She's a man stealer!

Guy 2: She is hot!! I'm going out with her!

Guy 1: No you are not going out with her, I am so back off she mine!

Girl 1: Hey your not even aloud to go out with her your mine baby.

Guy 1: I would so dump u for her sweetie.
by Gotta luv April 23, 2009
Mackenzie is a girl who is goofy. She has no idea how sexy she is and how much power she has over men. she is very playful and has the funniest sneeze ever. she is very funny and loves laughter, she gets along with everyone and is extremely positive.
" damn whos that girl she's superr FINNEEeee AND she's funny! and look at that ASS"

"ohhh thats mackenzie, yeah everyone wants on her"
by wertY12 March 02, 2010

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