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a non-ginger who is very quiet in certain public places and guys, but is very loud with friends. shes super pretty and loves animals and nature but also is disliked because of jealousy. also mackenzies tend to have brownish almost red hair (but not ginger) and greenish gray an dis usually short
wow, tht girl is so awesome! who is she?

thts mackenzie! shes so cool!!!
by NinjaAwesomeness February 09, 2012
an amazing guy with gorgeous brown eyes. he is soo sweet, and one of the hottest dudes you will ever meet. (:
an awesome friend and an even better boyfriend.
likes girls with brown wavy hair, and usually green eyess.
can be confusing at times. he can be very talkative or very shy, and he's adorable when he blushes. gives amazing, warm hugs <3

do not pass up a mackenzie,, ever .
mackenzie just asked me out, i think my life is complete .
by lollipopp October 15, 2010
Mackenzie is a pretty girl, personality and looks. She can light you up just by being herself, which most the time is doing something stupid! Mackenzie can make a person laugh through thick and thin. She is always there for you and will never stop being your best friend.
by anonymousSOFTBALL1771 May 31, 2012
An amazing girl who never fails to make you smile. Everytime you see her your day gets better. Every text she sends makes you feel happy to read. She makes you get that warm tingly feeling inside that you can't shake. You constantly think about her, and she's in your dreams at night. You didnt know that dreams could come true but she's living, breathing, amazingly perfect proof of that. From the moment she entered your life you knew she was special and you'll never let her go.
Mackenzie is amazing.
by gtpsgtpsgtps December 18, 2011
Mackenzie is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is extremly funny and is almmost ALWAYS hyper. She is extremly athletic but her favorite sport is basketball. She has a lot of friends and is gorgeous! she is always joking around but is also very smart. Her favorite is science and gym.
new kid: whos that really pretty girl playing football with all the guys?
friend: oh thats mackenzie!
by sports-it-up19 September 28, 2011
She is an amazing person with a great attitude. She won't take any shit for anyone. She is the most pretty girl you will ever meet. She has big boobs and a huge booty. She has they prettiest smile and can turn your day around. Every time you are around her you will make new memories. She is completely crazy and will do what shes wants. If you ever meet Mackenzie hold on to her and keep her because she will make your world.
Mackenzie is crazy
by Fatboy696922 November 28, 2012
Mackenzie may also be known as Kenzie. Everyone knows her. She's friends with everyone from the popular group to pretty much the bottom. She knows everyone and makes friends easily. She also keeps those friends no matter what. She always has that one best friend. She has other best friends but this one's different. She makes all the guys fall in love and all the girls jealous. She's gorgeous in every single way. She's nice, sweet, funny, and just perfect. She's wonderful inside and out. But she does have secrets. Everyone thinks she's a happy, perky girl but truly, she's breaking. She's not sure why though. She has all she needs in life except for maybe that perfect boyfriend. But she has no reason to be upset. She's the last girl you would expect to even think of suicide, but it's crossed her mind. If you ever come across a Mackenzie, be sure to keep her. Maybe, along the way, she'll break and you'll be the one to pick up the peices.
Girl 1: Omg there's Mackenzie! Isn't she gorgeous!
Girl 2: I want to be her!

Boy 1: Dude! Mackenzie is hott!! I wish every girl was like her.
Boy 2: Aye back off! I called dibs!
by wfjhr June 15, 2014