Mackenzie is a very beautiful girl. I have yet to meet a prettier person. She doesn't put up with any shit from anybody. If you have something to say be ready for pure hell. Many people are jealous of her athletic abilities and the close friendships she gets with the guys. She is simply the PERFECT girl. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Lots of guys dont realize what they have when they're dating bu tno one is better! <3 She has a great sense of humor and is way outgoing! She's perfect in every way possible!
Wow! That person is like Mackenzie
by afkl;ghadgy October 07, 2010
She'll light up your world like nobody else. She is the most amazing, most perfect, most beautiful girl that has ever and will ever walk this earth! Shes cute, funny and adorable. She loves music and dance. Mackenzie's an adorable ball of fun.
There is and only will be one Mackenzie. L
by :P ox October 23, 2011
An amazing guy . Any girl that has him is a very lucky one . this name is more likely to be a girl name, but when is a guy name, the guy is mostly the sweetest guy in the world ! Very very EXTREAMELY hott . Best guy you could ever meet . Great kisser . Awesome hugger . Loves girls with brown curly hair, hazel eyes, and short, but not too short . Likes any kind of music . Often is a smoker, but not to much . Drinks, but almost never gets drunk . Stays commited to one girl at a time . Would never cheat ! Has dark skater hair . Always has a big dickk . Funn to be around . Falls in love easy, but very hard to fall outta love with someone for them . Likes girls with exotic names . You would be a lucky girl to have him fall in love with you . Prolly the best guy you will meet .
by blah de blah de blah blah December 26, 2009
The most amazing girl. she's hot and likes to play sports. everyone loves her. shes kind and trustworthy. she can be a bitch but only if you piss her off. she is also fun, exciting and verry smart. shes always willing to help others out. she dosnt ditch her friends.
Girl 1: do you know Mackenzie
Girl 2: ya we've been best friends since 1st grade
Girl 1: shes such a great person
Girl 2: ya but dont piss her off
by 126064140 August 26, 2011
th hottest girl you'll probably every meet. shes the center of attention everywhere she goes and every guy is obsessed with her. she is an all around perfect flawless girl and many are extremely jealous of her. shes cute, fun, and loveable and just the kind of girl every guy dreams of having.
guy 1"hey u guys know mackenzie?"
guy 2"uh.. ya who doesnt"
guy 1 "shes so hott!"
by bruddah666 January 22, 2011
The most perfect, most amazing, the most beautiful girl that has and will ever walk this earth. There can only be one that is just imperfect in all the perfect ways.
There can be only be one. Mackenzie S.
by Pupsodent February 18, 2011
Mackenzie is actually the incredibly masculine named assigned only to the manliest of men. Because of the generally feminine connotation, it takes a guy who is very comfortable with his masculinity to hold this name.
The considerable length of word also has something to do with manliness, and any man named Mackenzie needs not compensate for ANYTHING. The long, full, solid name shows a particular drive for incomparable performance.
While there are many incredibly attractive girls bestowed with this name, it really belongs to a small but elite class of men who will one day take over the world.
Holy crap, that Mackenzie is one MANLY stud. I can't believe I thought he was a chick.
by MajorMackAttack September 20, 2010
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