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In close association with macking, recieving/performing sexual acts, usually only referred to when drunk or at a party, or the day after.
"There with be lots of mackage going on tonight"

"Was there any mackage?"
by Colleen September 08, 2004
33 17
The noun form of the verb to mack, ie. hit on chicks, or the scalar (measurable) quantity thereof. The standard unit of macking is Neils (after Neil Patrick Harris' epitome of macking in his portrayal of Barney Stinson in HIMYM) and the imperial unit is Don Juans.
That girl is going to need some serious mackage before she loosens up.
by mack_in_training December 10, 2009
6 1
having rough, fast sex with someone
Alan had a lot of mackage with Lizzy last night
by dedbrick February 01, 2009
8 8