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One who is a dedicated fan of an American pop girl band, Megan & Liz, composed of fraternal twin sisters, Megan Mckinley Mace and Elizabeth Morgan Mace. Megan & Liz has garnered over 500,000 subscribers on their Youtube channel in a span of 4 years. Fans of Megan & Liz show their support by making themselves known as Macers.
Megan & Liz will be opening for Action Item on their upcoming, "The Stronger The Love" tour. I wonder if I'll meet a Macer or two at the Nashville show.
by Kehvaunh September 21, 2011
someone who supports, loves, cares for, admires and looks up to Megan McKinley and Elizabeth Morgan Mace, respects and looks out for their fellow Macers, and finally, have a lot of swag.
Haters gonna hate, Macers gonna Mace!
by MacerForLife September 22, 2011
Big fans of Megan and Liz Mace from Youtube.
Someone who follows them on twitter and does research to learn every known thing about the twins. A person who subscribes to them on Youtube to keep tabs on all uploaded singing and beauty videos. A macer searches Megan and Liz up on Wikipedia and celebrates Macer Music Monday(the girls post a new singing video every monday.)
Megan and Liz:we love all you macers to pluto and back!

Megan and Liz: we are posting a new video for Macer Music Monday
by Scouser1999 January 07, 2012
An individual who's computing preferences tend towards Macintosh products.
Microsoft Windows? Heavens no! I'm a MACer.
by Anon..... August 07, 2007
gun used in mafias or crews.
Yo don't let me blast yo ass wit my macer
by Shanell May 27, 2006

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