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Beautiful, but fake and plastic preppy and/or annoying girls who seem to be everywhere at the wrong times. They make you want to hit things. A LOT. They pretend to be your friend just to prove to their fellow popgirls that they are kind and generous. They will turn their back on you in less than 5 min. I promise. Avoid at all costs.
The popgirls are being really nice today, something's wrong.
#evil #snobby #bratty #pretty #traitor
by goldendoodle December 11, 2014
Pussy on a plater it's basically a ho.
"Ay' Bert did you see that girl with tha fat ass" "yea Ernie don't do it man she a pop girl"
#pop #girl #popgirl #ho #pussy
by Oliverwindell February 22, 2014
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