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The most beautiful person that you'll ever meet. She's kind to everybody and is freaking beautiful. She is flawless, dresses nice, and will make you smile constantly, and she is to say the least flawless.
Didn't Megan Fox play a Macaela in Transformers?
by LaxPenny July 13, 2010
words can not describe
words really can't describe
by really awesome person April 23, 2005
Macaela is a person who acts innocent, but isn't always. She can be a little princess at time, by whinning, but she is a great friend. She is kind and gets along well with others. She can be hyper. If you like a Macaela, she would be a great girlfriend as well.
Friend(Kayla): Macaela, stop being a little princess.
Friend(Isabella): *laughs and falls over*
Macaela: I'm not a little princess! *whinny voice*
Kayla: Stop whinning then! And also you aren't so innocent...
by Zany Girl May 23, 2016
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