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The highest rank in gaming you can achieve. If you are a real Maarten, you are an expert in Call Of Duty 4 and you love to read Tom Clansey books. A Maarten is also an expert at building LEGO-structures and in a drunk mood he screams: MWOATEH MWOATEH is the best!!

Did you build that LEGO Castle
Yes, I'm proud I'm such a Maarten.

Did you just kill him with a headshot :O!
Yes, that was a uber ownage pro lol Maarten shot.
by Diddy Geller November 27, 2008
The name comes from latin: king of lightning.
transferred into modern english it basicly meens a guy who is strong, brave, sporty, nice, fit and many more

People look up to a Maarten since they are very good in football / soccer, they tend to excell in many other physical sports too.

Many girls would like him because a Maarten has an athletes body, meaning six pack and tight muscles.
Thanks, im nearly as good as that guy called Maarten
by name analyzer11 October 13, 2010
The smelliest motherucker out there with an annoying voice, a big nose and no sense of humour. He will shout at everyone because he has no friends and will probably die alone.
What's that smell?

Oh that's Maarten
by SmellyMaartenSucks May 28, 2016
A bloke who is never around when you need him. Or otherwise.

A guy who is about as easy to locate as the Holy Grail.
Kerstin: Where is Maarten?
Lisa: I don't know, sorry.

Ten minutes later:

Chelsea: Where is Maarten?
Lisa: I don't know.

Ten minutes later:
Millie: Where is...

Ten minutes later:
Brad: Hey, have you seen...

*Brad stops talking on account of being shot in the head*
by Lisa4321 December 06, 2011
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