Message Too Short

Usually, this term is made for posting in the forum, and it has character limits, from 10 letters to 2000 or so; if you write 4 characters to reply, it will disallow you to post because message is too short. So you just add "mts" after your message.
lol mts mts
nice /mts
cool mts
by White Girl from R-S/CZ/PR/FFX October 12, 2009
Brooklyn New York graffiti crew.since 1997 hitting rooftops, street spots,train lines,tunnels.13members+, Bezto,Pas,Vorp,Rage,Gung,Logo etc...
Mts stands for made to stay!
by mtscrew July 19, 2005
Menace to Society. a clan that pwns noobs 24-7-365 with there skills. the main clan members are; Predator, Apocalypse, Lucifer, Zegovia, Freemind. Most of the games they play are FPS like CS and BF games
The MtS clan was owning me in in that FPS.
by recoil36 September 03, 2005
MTS is a south-east london graffiti crew, the number of people in it at the moment are not high but the clik is growing. The main members of the crew are "koare", "dyno" and "femz".
MTS - menace to society
by The G Himself March 08, 2005
MTS ; coding fgts that use 501/501/0.5 lar
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
3 letter acronym for "mammif tusk sandwiches"
Billy's dad: Hey billy lets go out back and cook up some MTS

Billy: Good idea dad, there is nothing like eating some MTS with my Dad on Sundays
by D0uGY January 06, 2003
the most ghetto cru in da endz blad. . . da mvps of dis clik r - koare, prime, femz, secta. . . cratez is a fat ginger hobo. . . safe bitch
mts clik will merc any pum pums

mts - most thuggish souljaz. . .
by the g May 06, 2005

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