MTH stands for "Multi-Talented Homeboy". It is used to describe a cool, funny, and talented person. He has a great taste in music, has a bunch of friends, and has great hair. The girls love him.
"Dude, do you see that guy playing guitar and singing for those girls over there?"

"Yeah, dude's a total MTH"
by simba36 December 10, 2009
Top Definition
My Tits Hurt.

This word is to be used after working out or performing any activitiy that can make the pectoral muscles burn excessively.
DB#1: Bro, I just put up 500 lbs 6 million times, MTH.
DB#2: What is MTH?
DB#1: It means my tits hurt
DB#2: You're a douche
by bikmike October 01, 2009
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