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Metropolitan Transit Authority
you can't go to new york without seeing the MTA logo every ten feet.
by kirabiyaka July 13, 2006
1. Metropolitan Transportation Authority
2. Acronym for a corrupt, inefficient, wasteful and dirty organization that runs NYC public transportation and makes tax payer money disappear magically.
3. Antonym for efficient

see Useless, Corrupt, Inefficient, and WTF.
1. The MTA just raised the fare again.
2. The MTA had more riders than ever, but can't seem to find their money.
3. The MTA pays people to count the number of dead rats in the system.
by TwoTwentyFiveMyAss August 06, 2009
Many Trains Absent, which is what the acronym MTA (New York) will stand for once they make their service cuts and raise the fare from $2 to $2.50 on buses and subways and from $5 to $7.50 on express buses in June 2009.
Get ready to be packed in sardines every day on the trains---the MTA is zawing us around again!
by pentozali November 21, 2008
Multi Theft Auto. New mod for Gta vice city
Dude i was playing MTA all night
by Tanay August 10, 2004
Mouth to ass
First you fuck her in the mouth. than after that you go and fuck her in the ass.

Jim: "hey how was sarah last night? what positions did you guys do?"
Samir: "We did MTA all night"
by sammyk2121 July 04, 2010
A measurement of time it takes to shit after eating. (Mouth To Ass)
Every time I eat white castle my MTA is less than hour.
by AzmosisJones December 31, 2014
reporting someones account on Facebook
i'll MTA your account if you don't stop trolling me
by piratesrghey December 24, 2014
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