MSP - abbreviation for the Afrikaans statement "Ma Se Poes" (Mother's Vagina). Can be used jokingly or when a person really is a MSP. Could either be used to insult the person’s mother, or the person themselves.
More commonly used by Afrikaans people, but will often be used in English sentences. This phrase is very popular among the Cape-coloureds (but they often use the whole phrase instead of the abbreviation).
“What’s up you MSP?”
“Hey, you’re a real MSP”
“Where can I find a condom now?”
“In your MSP!”
by Spoeg Dief March 11, 2009
MSPS stands for Megan Sassy Pants Sonier.
She is defiantly a MSPS!

I know right?!?!

by ZLL June 01, 2009
most skilled player
most smartest person
most sexiest person
most superior penis
mine-sweeper pro
msp pwnz j0
msp owns
best Hd player etc
too smart for you n00bs
by Demy November 21, 2004

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