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The Suped up Version of normal Mazda Cars, Consisting of Models such as the MazdaSpeed6, MazdaSpeed3, MazdaSpeedMiata, The MazdaSpeed6 and 3, Both have Turbos and upgrades like bigger wheels and engine mods, suspension and chaises mods. The Mazda 6 is aimed at elders that wish to not be associated with cars like the STI that scream hey look at me im young and have a fast loud car that attracts police. The mazdaspeed6 and 3 are known for their smooth gearboxes.
Yo dude you try out the Mazdaspeed 3's stick, naw man the test car wasnt a frickin speed, the guy said they don't let people test a speed unless they're serous about buyin one.
by Steveopolos April 02, 2007
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