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This kick ass Karate team, that in the real world would have owned the Karate kids broke ass with few, if any hits... this team of supernatural teens do the damn thing.. And they do the damn thing without even packing heat... this group of extraordinary teens would take on any mark and devour them with there pure inevitable ways and manuvers for sure...

Learn the way of the fist..

Strike First, Strike Hard, Show No Mercy

Sweep The Leg

Hands down the Cobra Kai is the most awesome group of teens that kick 127 kinds of ass... These are a feww station mother fuckers who, when aren't owning ass they just Max and Relax with some fine ass hunnys...or just kick it ith eachother in the layer.. Its Ludacris to think that they would EVER Lose..

Cobra Kai is an underground Jui Jitsu team that as somehat featured in the film Karate Kid... COBRA KAI never loses...
Guy1: did you hear about the brawl between the Crenshaw bloods and Cobra Kai?
Guy2: Of course I did asshole Cobra Kai is always all over the news cuz there awesome...
by Paul Mac Hadow June 03, 2007
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According to Steam, if you kick ass in one of their games (e.g. Half Life 2, Counter Strike Source), ressembling the ass kicking style of the Cobra Kai team.

"Strike First, Strike Hard, Show No Mercy"
Gamer 1: Dude, what's your Steam rating, I'm "Cobra Kai!"
Gamer 2 (n00b): I'm "Cobra Kai!" too.
Gamer 1: no way dude, by the way you play, you must be "Teh Suck"
by AC3CRACK September 14, 2007
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An overrated GLB team with absolutely no balls or basic logic.
Those Cobra Kai fags backed down like some straight up bitches when Flames54 offered a fair compromise. LOL pussies.
by Bort August 12, 2008
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