A bunch of heros from the shit hole of Welland who had nothing better to do than make a fuckin mockery of the city and the teenagers in it, and god it was fucking awesome
just a bunch of fucks-MSC
by smokeganj November 30, 2006
Top Definition
Masturbate, Shower, Cry. The process of Masturbating, Showering, and Crying all at once to help deal with one's grief.
After a long weekend at the festival; I need a good MSC session.
by DMX4Pres November 07, 2013
A group of violent criminals from Scunthorpe. They are known to be involved in human trafficking, organised crime, and terrorism. The group is headed by a mysterious figure known outside the MSC and by lower members of the MSC as Cryptor DT.
I saw a van go past today with people shouting for help inside and a strong smell of weed. Must've been the MSC.
by Captain Sea Bass October 23, 2009
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