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The Mario Social Board of GameFaqs. It's home to users like Linking12, Sunny the Armadillo, Gleaso, Marono, Blinkandcandy, Mario99, Flamecube, Icemonkeypro, Hermitua, Darkfusion, Gigagigagigabowser, Fastfido, Pheduik, BRJ, ZB3000, Crocomire, and many many others.
Did you hear that the MSB is gonna survive?
by Sunny the Armadillo December 29, 2003
Mushroom Shaped Bruise

A bruise left after being brutally slapped with a penis.
Sir, u are worthy of an msb or 2.
by Aurarier November 29, 2004
A person with an extremely huge mullet who constantly wears sweatpants and snowboots in public places.
Big Dan is the biggest "MSB" in the whole world.
by One Eyed Jack March 07, 2004
The home to a whole bunch of people.
Including myself, since someone forgot.
by Dante Reborn February 14, 2004
In the Cleveland area, MSB is the abbreviation for the local band the Michael Stanley Band. They had 2 national hits in the Eighties, "He Can't Love You (Like I Love You)" - a Top 20 hit in 1981, and "This Town is My Town" from 1983. A special version of the latter song was played on radio stations in the Columbus, Ohio area that has a shouted chorus "COLUMBUS!" added to the mix. MSB is also the title of the group's 1982 album, and to some critics it also means "Mighty Shitty Band".
In the metropolitan Cleveland area, many Michael Stanley Band fans wore jackets that said MSB on the back. There are some items from that band at the Hard Rock Cafe located in a mall in downtown Cleveland.
by Ohio Rocker August 31, 2007
This is the definition reffered to by me under ZSB. The sharer of the abrreviation "MSB." Secluded from the rest of GameFAQs (Due to a link axe)

NOTE: The Mario Social Board is actually the Mario Games Social Board... However, MGSB is taken by the Metal Gear Social Board... >_<
Rangnarok0387, VenomFang3001, lexichanw00t, Black Abyss/The Black Wanderer, Blaze12, DaChampion/The Almight Smithy/Mind/Rethink/Champ, Koran Rag, IceBlade, MechaShadow, CMDR Reservoir, NeonDragon9000, ResidentEvilMaster, and deku stick puppet are all vets.
by Kakashi 11235 December 30, 2003
mad swan BLOODS da real gangstas from da eastside....¢k all day muthafu¢Ka
give it up for this swan eastside m-s-b G- Batman from the the BLOODS and ¢Krips song G'z and lo¢'s
by b-dog fo eva August 10, 2004