A Acronym derived on the MMORPG "Runescape" First used by a player known as Staple,or "Nibo." It means (M)ad (S)ad (B)ad as a flame toward raging players that are considered "Bad" at the game.
l0l why you so msb bro?!
by StapleNibo April 06, 2011
M- man
S- stealing
B- bitch
that girl needs to stop being such a MSB and back off
by scbashi September 11, 2010
short for 'Massive Sperm Buildup' - usually occours in young male adults under 25 as a result of no sexual activity for more than a week or 2
Derek had not masturbated for about 3 weeks and was suffering from a severe case of MSB, but after watching 5 minutes of crazy cumshots #4 he had a massive sperm bomb and had to use his blue bandanna to clean up!
by Cam Bomb February 19, 2012
(noun) 1. my sexy bitch
person1:hey msb;)
person1: yeah, you're my sexy bitch
person2:oh.. okay then:P
by Amically March 30, 2010
Mental Sex Break
<text message> Hey Sexy, This is your daily MSB...<explicit ideas imagined>
by bsd2424 September 18, 2009
Mascot boys gang which live and protect the streets of Mascot. A gang containing male memebers.
Twenty twenty, MSB, Mascot boys, 2020, m.krew
by Wayne Cure June 27, 2006
In the Cleveland area, MSB is the abbreviation for the local band the Michael Stanley Band. They had 2 national hits in the Eighties, "He Can't Love You (Like I Love You)" - a Top 20 hit in 1981, and "This Town is My Town" from 1983. A special version of the latter song was played on radio stations in the Columbus, Ohio area that has a shouted chorus "COLUMBUS!" added to the mix. MSB is also the title of the group's 1982 album, and to some critics it also means "Mighty Shitty Band".
In the metropolitan Cleveland area, many Michael Stanley Band fans wore jackets that said MSB on the back. There are some items from that band at the Hard Rock Cafe located in a mall in downtown Cleveland.
by Ohio Rocker August 31, 2007

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