An inadequately small male, usually of an assholish nature, confused by his sexuality.
"Jon was such a momo when he couldn't figured out what he liked more, fucking a fat hairy chick or getting fucked by Rod." or "Momo had trouble choosing between the blue jeans or his leather pants."
by magix September 18, 2007
Top Definition
A generic insult used to describe one who is irritating, annoying, or an idiot. (synonyms include but are not limited too: ass, asshole, bastard, bitch, blockhead, bonehead, cocksucker, dick, dickhead, dolt, dope, dunce, fool, halfwit, idiot, imbecile, jackass, jerk, mother-fucker, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, numskull, rascal, scamp, schmo, schmuck, simpleton, son of a bitch, tomfool, twerp)
1. If someone is driving badly, one might say "Hey momo! Learn to drive!"
2. If a loud crow outside your window wakes you up, you might say "God! Shut up stupid momo bird!"
by Horben Dragonsbane September 12, 2005
1. Japanese for "peaches"

2. A character in the Nickolodeon cartoon "Avatar: The Last Airbender" also features a lemur whom is named Momo, as it takes a peach in the first episode it appears.
You can eat momo with skin on.
by Tylerdamnit August 11, 2007
Another way of saying "Moron".
I can't believe you screwed that up! Nice job, Mo Mo!
by Adam Cecchini January 03, 2006
What a fucking idiot!
He is such a mo mo!
by dina November 21, 2003
mother fucking moron
that fucking mo mo
by Jimmy November 03, 2003
A girl who is attractive & Cute. She is quiet but when you get to know her she is more than you can think about. She it also known as Princess to one of her best friends. All of her best friend consider her as their SISTER. She is kind, lovable, selfless and selfish at the same time. She don't like messy things. She is one of those friend who you can get advises from about Relationship but don't have one for herself. She is serious about her education. She has an AWESOME personality, if you get to know her inside. She always has a plan about what she gonna do.
Momo likes to help out other people. When she is bored, she will start a random conversation from nowhere or start annoying others. She love animals, stuff toys and baby cloths (cloths for little babies). You can say she is almost Perfect (nobody is Perfect).
by Logan B. October 02, 2013
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