Mother-Of-All-Beers. Served at Slo-Pokes in dowtown Waco, TX. This 48 oz. beer is sure to start your night of right.
She had two MOABS and she was ready to go home with me!
by seaq4 January 30, 2005
Mother of all Bongs the biggest bong on the block
Yo grab the M.o.a.b. i need some 4 footers to expand my mind wit that herb
by jimmy blunt December 20, 2006
Some bumpersticker on a random Jeep that's meaning is unkown to me. Could be Moses on a Buscuit, Men owning all Bukkake, My Old Anerexcic Bitch, or Marry Owns A Bank.
OMFG you have MOAB!!!!
by AlmightySpleenis August 24, 2005

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