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Street gang word for gun
Im packing a buscuit nobody run!
by Keshia January 11, 2005
i love buscuits. they are my favorite food. they crumble up into your stew like nothing else. after a long day of foraging, there is nothing better than to come home to the smell of buscuits.
I love buscuits. They are my favorite food. a good old boy loves nothing more than buscuits and male prostitution.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 06, 2005
another word for vagina
you can nearly see her buscuit in those tight pants
by the scrutineer January 02, 2006
the equivalent of a cheese bus carrying a cheese bus load of cheddar biscuits...
Person #1-Man I'm so hungry I could eat a biscuit.
Person #2- Don't you mean a buscuit?
by Whiteshadow2006 May 22, 2011
(buscuits) when something is creased up bad or dirty.
yo homie yo ones is buscuits cuz
by Kyle Bloomer (lunchbox) March 11, 2006
A retarded new person. Someone with no skills, and the personality of a rock, who was just hired on at a company an thinks they know what was going on. Alas they do not. They have no ability.
Silly buscuit get back to work. Dumb noob.
by Slooth July 19, 2005