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An educational establishment of approximately 32,000 students, of whom aproximately 32 actually have a chance of obtaining a degree at the end of their course due to ridiculously low entrance requirements/attendance figures, and the filthy *insert sub group here* emos/chavs/druggies/indie kids/and a-level dropouts that populate this utterly shite institution
A conversation involving a normal person who did not attend MMU vs A more discerning MMU student conscious of the social stigma attached to having attended or attending such a university

Normal Person: So you went to university?
Drugged Emo-Chav Hybrid MMU Student: Yes, I studied *Crap Degree Title*
Normal Person: Where did you study?
Drugged Emo-Chav Hybrid MMU Student: I went to uni in Manchester
Normal Person: You went to Manchester University?
Drugged Emo-Chav Hybrid MMU Student: Yes, I went to University in Manchester
Normal Person: THEE University of Manchester?
Drugged Emo-Chav Hybrid MMU Student: Yes the Manchester *mumbles* met *end mumble* University.
*Spits AIDS at Normal Person to avoid revealing truth*
by TheTruthRevealer October 21, 2008
multimedia university

there are two campuses, one located in melaka and another located in cyberjaya.
a: owh, where is mmu?
b: the one where people call as money making university.
by zeusky November 05, 2009
Micky Mouse University.. when you think your school is a joke you can refer to it as MMU
Can you believe that instructor.. I'm so tired of MMU.
by northern nursing student May 19, 2009
a cheap school where the druggie minions of hell constantly spawn
Dude, MMU is crap! Fuck this shit!
by Sir Lord October 01, 2003