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Malibu Locals Only -Street Gang/Surfers from Malibu that try to keep it local. Started by kids who graduated from Malibu High School. Known to get into a few fights around the area. Possibly the inspiration for Jamie Kenndy's "Malibu's Most Wanted"
MLO: Keep it Local.

Near-by Pepperdine Kid: What?

MLO: *Smack*
by Davy H February 19, 2007
malibu locals only!!!! Vals must keep out or they will die or be killed.
MLO you fucking vals!

Thisa is my beach, mlo!!1
by johnburb February 22, 2007
My Life Owns
The opposite to FML
Person 1:No way, I just threw a cadbury creme egg across the room, bouncing it off the seat of a chair so that it landed on the arm.

Person 2:No way? Seriously?
Person 1: Yeh! MLO.
by I'msocoollike February 26, 2010

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