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Stands for "my life is cheap". Phrase used after a sentence describing your cheap life.
Yesturday, Heather was offering to give the rest of her coke to someone. I took it and tried to sell it to random people even though it was already opened. MLIC

Didn't want to buy drumsticks so I found a bunch of random objects and taped them together, mlic.

My current mp3 requires MANUAL battery changes because i can't afford an ipod. MLIC.

Yesterday my parents and i went to an outlet mall, we bought 2 of everything.
they were summer clothes, but my rents refused to buy me winter clothes i needed, so i was forced to where the same layers of summer clothing all on top of eachother. MLIC.

Yesterday, i made a bet with a friend... since i was so broke.. i bet a penny i would find on the floor MLIC
#poor #broke #ghetto #cheapskate #penny pincher #penny
by mayfield1994 November 21, 2009
standing for: My Life Is Communist

-a phrase in order to express how communist one's surroundings are at any given moment.
-may apply to interactions with people, visiting other countries, or observing the equal distribution of all resources amongst all people regardless of obvious superior/inferior differences.

*may be applied to perspectives: e.g. YLIC (your life is communist) or TLAC (their lives are communist) HLIC (His or her)
*Man, how's Goldie going to check her Facebook back in the motherland? HLIC

*Wait, they hate America because you can reap what you sow, and not have to share with the bitch next door? TLAC

*I'm miserable. MLIC
#communist #hlic #ylic #life #china
by americafuckyeah_ August 29, 2010
my life is crap
shit, today sucked. MLIC!
#mfl #fuck #shit #crap #bad
by lyyy$ May 24, 2009
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