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1. Mattitude Follower 2. mother fucker
by Kevin Counts March 26, 2003
1. One who follows the guidelines, rules, and regulations of Mattitude; a Mattitude Follower.

2. A word used to censor yourself while trying to say "motherfucker".
1. Shannon Moore is an MF'er

2. I'm gonna kill that MF'er Johnny!
by Ryder October 09, 2003
short for mother fucker
He is such an incredible m-fer. I can't believe he talke to me like I was 8 years old.
by WordPak Revisited December 30, 2011
Military abbreviation for "My Friend."
Sgt. Connelly was one courageous MF'er.
by zabazuve-ha September 07, 2007