1. Marthe Francois Girbaud clothing brand.
2. "Mother Fuckin' Gangster"
Wow, that is soooo MFG.
by djbhkwhgkdffhaj February 10, 2006
Top Definition
"Mit Freundlichen Gruessen"
German for "with friendly greetings"
"MFG Mit Freundlichen Gruessen..."
- "MFG" by Die Fantastichen Vier
by A great American January 17, 2006
Prounced (moof-ga)
adjective or phrase
Definition: Mother f*cking good
That ice cream paint job was MFG
by prince fierder April 15, 2010
acronym for: Mother Fucking Genius

currently only two people are classified as a MFG, being Stephan Hawking and Rajiv Daudia. they are the true original MFG's
look over there, we have a MFG in our midst, you should be honoured
by i adat October 12, 2010
My Fucking God.
Similar to omfg, without the O.
MFG, now she's trying to be nice to me?
by jaja a January 15, 2007
motha fucken gangsta
tell that mfg to gimme some uh dat fried chickeN!!!
by YEANIGGY August 08, 2006
"Mexican Fat Gene"

The unexplainable weight gain when a mexican girl turns 23+ years old.
Damn did you see Maria? She used to be a buck twenty but ever since she hit 23 she ballooned to a solid three hundo. It must be her MFG activating. Que lastima!
by Big Pimping January 03, 2008
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