Stands for "Monkey Fucking A Coconut" Prolly one of dane cooks funniest bits. Can be used as a insult
And on the Bottom where it says sign here you drew a picture of a monkey fucking a coconut... Is this you sir? Are you MFC? Are you monkey fucking a coconut?

Dont be such a MFC!!
by MFCrazy March 14, 2005
Top Definition
MFC is an acronym standing for Mildly Fat Chick. These are the semi-nasty girls you'll see at parties dancing sluttily to 'My Humps', going crazy when Party for Two comes up and dancing with their gurlfriendz. Men are often in self-denial as to their feelings towards these chicks. Most guys are guilty of hooking up with an MFC on a lonely, drunken night.
- Did you see that girl dancing to 'Just Dance'?
- Yeah.. hmm.. she was decent
- What? No dude, she was such an MFC!

- There was this chick sitting next to me in EOSC today. Total MFC.
by arrow.69 April 22, 2009
Marvelous full combo, a term used in Dance Dance Revolution. It's like a FC but instead of the combo consisting of Perfects and Greats, the combo consists ENTIRELY of Marvelous. It's a very difficult feat.
Konami can't wait for for X2 to die down and they already announced a NEW DDR, god they are so impatient for us to MFC AAA Valkyrie dimension (if that ever happens.)
by The Pz Kid June 29, 2012
This is a more "mixed company" friendly way to express the above expletive. This can be used as an adjective but it's more commonly just used as an angry outburst.
"That MFCS just rear-ended my new car!!"
Joe - "Hey, Tom, I just saw Pete with his tongue down Kelly's throat. Isn't she supposed to be YOUR girlfriend?"
Tom - "MFCS!!!!!"
by GhostFaceGirl October 20, 2005
Multiple Facial Cock Slaps
In the porno that Josh rented, it showed graphic acts of MFCS.
by radio November 22, 2003
Medicinal Fried Chicken

Title of South Park Episode 1403
I am so hungry and sick can you buy me some MFC
by Bulsak March 29, 2010
MFC Stands for 'Most Fucked Cunt'. It is a prestigious title awarded after a big night on the piss to the person who did and said the most stupid and retarded things.
"Mitch woke up in a paddy wagon last night covered in his own piss!"
"Dude, he easily the MFC"
by Poowoo January 21, 2010
The short form of Muhammad Fucking Christ. Slang used instead of Jesus Fucking Christ. Used mostly for instant messaging.
- Why?
- My computer just crashed.
by babooli November 30, 2009
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