MFC stands for 'Monster Fucking Chillinz.'

The term is only used when someone is at the highest level of 'chillin.'
'Yo dude, I'm so MFC right now.'

'I really need to MFC right now.'
by Jsuave August 23, 2003
Anabbreviation for "Mother Fucking Cunt" generally reserved for someone who is behaving in a fashion that makes everyone around angered.
Don't take Dr. Calvo's Chem class. He's a real MFC.
by Billy The Impaler December 13, 2004
Mastrubation Finger Club. What happens when women have one broken nail and the others are still ok.
She's in the MFC.
by Dan October 03, 2003
Mother Fucking Champ!!
that dood is a mfc
by greg January 20, 2004
Mutha Fuckin' Chessin - Saying that something is crunk
That ride with the 23s is MFC.
by Nate Dogg January 25, 2004
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